Conventionally, digital content is distributed by sending individual files separately, not as a part of a coherent information unit. Other ways involve sending links to files or directories in the cloud using web sites, all with minimal Graphical User interface.


The SONAD Platform is designed for delivering complex multimedia content packaged as sonas directly to smartphones, conveniently and efficiently by using its innovative data delivery channels – sound in conventional broadcasting and imagery in print media.


A sona, or "digital capsule" is a collection of multimedia items jointly covering a specific subject area. Sonas and transmitted directly to the consumers phones via radio, TV, Internet, area, and print media broadcasting channels.



Each sona can include an unlimited number of digital media files - video, audio, image, document, as well as links to websites and social media. The sona’s content is conveniently placed on the phone’s screen allowing access to it via SONAD’s GUI displayed on the phone screens.


The content encapsulated in a sona augments and enriches any broadcast:  a lecture, public arena event, trade show, conference, advertisement or promotional – anything intended for an individual or groups of people using the phones as depository of data.



A sona is broadcasted by playing a unique sound code seamlessly blended with a traditional sound track or by scanning a unique QR code printed on paper or displayed on any video screen. A sound code can be blended with a clip from your favorite song, and downloaded for distribution in an audio format. The SONAD sound codes and QRs can be easily created by any registered individual or commercial user on a sona page. A sona can be easily edited at any moment, making each sona a carrier of the “living” content.


As soon as the SONAD app identifies the sona’s sound code or QR, the sona – multimedia content capsule – is instantly delivered to the user's phone, and stays there for immediate or delayed use.



Sonas can serve as personal or business profiles designed for friends, business associates and can be created as an Electronic Business Card. They can include any POC and social media links, resume, videos and documents, and telephones, all downloadable and actionable directly from various displays on your telephone screen.


All links including your business or personal site, social sites, etc. can be assigned to the icons surrounding the logo in the center of the screen. In the text area you can describe your interests, hobbies, or anything you want to share with your contacts.


Sonas can carry any commercial multimedia information such as product and service descriptions, advertisements and promotions, videos, demonstrations.



You can exchange your personal sonas during face-to-face meetings, by sending them via brief short-distance inaudible sound communications or by letting your counterpart to scan your QR, not leaving a trace in the cyberspace – exactly as a traditional business card does, but much more conveniently and efficiently. Your personal sound code can be blended with a clip of your favorite song and provided to your friends and colleagues. Pressing ABOUT ME button will play your sound code and deliver the Business Card sona to their phones, instantly.


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