SONAD technology will benefit both broadcasters and content producers, including advertisers and the individual consumers.


At the receiving end, users equipped with smartphones or tablets will be able to freely select the most desirable auxiliary content-related information from the multiple types and internet sources offered by the SONAD app, thus enriching their individual experience.


On the broadcaster/producer side, SONAD will provide a broad range of opportunities to discover the audience’s likes and preferences to the programs or advertisements as well as their delivery formats and content in an entertaining and natural interactive environment. That will allow the producers to adjust their programs in response to the quantifiable preferences of the listeners and viewers, making their job more satisfying and the business of their sponsors more cost-effective.


As we envision in the future, the audience, in its turn, will experience broadcast programs not in a traditional, one-way linear format, but within an multimedia-enriched, customizable environment. Members of the audience will create their own unique, custom-made shows by choosing what they want to see or read from the menu of multiple real-time contextualized channels displayed on the smartphone.


An individual SONAD user equipped with a smartphone will be able to receive content-related information from any broadcast or advertisement without interrupting the flow of the broadcast. All this information, including textual, video, graphics, and sound, will be made available to the used seamlessly, in real time and contextualized with any broadcast – radio, TV, public address system, live or pre-recorded, or delivered via internet.


The SONAD technology makes advertising less disruptive and annoying to consumers and thus enhances their enjoyment of any broadcasts, programs, and other materials transmitted over traditional audio tracks.

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