SONAD Implementation


Over several semesters, we organized and coordinated SONAD testing on a campus of the NY State University at Stony Brook. The testing program was a part of the Innovations in Technologies MBA course at the SBU College of Business. The specific projects included the following:


Use of SONAD in Medical Offices and at Medical Emergencies

In this project, the students designed sonas carrying patient information relevant in an emergency situation when the ambulance personnel respond to a distress call. Immediate access to such information may be critical when administering medical care with no other records about the patient's general condition.


In the second project, the students developed a concept for using SONAD as the patients are awaiting for the doctors to admit them for consultation. The time in the reception office can be used for providing various types of medical and health-related information.

SONAD IN lecture hall and classroom

In this project, SONAD was used for delivering contextualized information to the class in real time, and the materials were discussed. The lecture was concluded with several Vote sonas providing feedback to the lecturer.

SONAD at public radio

SONAD at a social event

SONAD at Kung Fu Cafe

SONAD at a basketball game

SONAD at Admitted Student Day

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