The N5Air system is modular by design allowing us to build up the air purification and sanitizing capability to match the needs of the location based on the number of rooms, volume of air, AC air flow rates, specific requirements for air quality, etc. Sanitizer boxes can be easily connected to each other, if needed.



Design of the sanitizer units allows an easy access to the UVC lamps and filters to conduct regular maintenance and replacement of the lamps or electric ballasts. The ballasts are secured within metal boxes placed on the outer surface of the sanitizer units, outside of the air flow path.


The number of the sanitizer units containing the N5Air UVC chambers depends on the size of the building and the layout of the HVAC ductwork. The units can be arranged horizontally or vertically, subject of the space available in the attic, right above the ceiling panels. The illustration below shows a set of four sanitizer units assembled for a building with four intake air ducts.



N5Air designs, assembles, installs, and services its custom-made UVC air sanitizing systems locally, on Long Island.


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