SanitizING THE air in personal and shared indoor space:

one virus killed, one virus less to worry about!



There are many stand-alone UVC germicidal devices on the market, sanitizing both surfaces and air. Many of those are placed in rooms and offices, providing a localized benefit.  Our powerful systems use a centralized approach –  we install arrays of powerful ultraviolet lamps in the HVAC air ducts to sanitize every cubic foot of air in the entire building. In addition, we suggest using medical-grade HEPA filters and run the fan continuously, scrubbing the air and destroying pathogens, minute by minute, virus by virus, pathogen by pathogen.




N5Air designs, assembles, installs, and services its custom-made UVC air sanitizing systems locally, on Long Island.


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Any systems using ultraviolet light (UVC) must be handled safely and professionally. N5Digital is fully committed to that requirement.


To prevent human exposure, we install interlocks and use LED indicators showing the status of the UVC lamps and electronic ballasts remotely.


  • No ozone generated
  • UVC light is completely contained in the sanitizer unit
  • Wipes out Corona and other airborne viruses
  • Takes care of most germs and spores
  • Installed and serviced professionally

Virus-free indoor air space