There are many situations that require rapid sanitizing of the air in a room, office or business space. That’s why we designed N5Air Mobile, a powerful, quiet and efficient mobile UVC unit. The unique technology of our design allows us to deliver significantly more virus-killing power per unit of electric power when compared to the systems available in the market.


Designed to minimize its visual footprint, the N5Air Mobile unit easily blends into the interior of any indoor space, room or office.


When you are in an enclosed space, a virus can be dispersed via aerosols – the most potent carrier of viruses – into your personal space in a matter of minutes. Therefore, the window of opportunity for air sanitizers to do their job is limited by seconds, not minutes and definitely not hours, which is the response time of a typical UVC air sanitizer.


The distinguishing feature of the N5Air mobile devices originates from the key design requirement for (1) rapid creation and consequent maintenance of a localized virus-free space, and (2) quick response to a dynamic situation in a space accommodating small groups of people. This is achieved by matching the UVC light power and the air flow rate in combination with a unique design of the N5Air sanitizing chamber.


Strategically placed in areas where people congregate for an extended period of time or in spaces where many people come and go in a short period of time, it is capable of providing a  quick response to a dynamic situation.


N5Air mobile units come in two models. The 42” model is designed for businesses and offices, ideal for picking up air close to the elevation where aerosols start their journey. That air is quickly delivered into the sanitizing chamber, where it is disinfected and then released, completely virus-free.


The 30” unit is designed for the home environment, to cover entire rooms as well as creating safe air space for gatherings around a table.


To choose a mobile UVC air sanitizing device with a high degree of confidence, it is important to be able to make a quantitative evaluation based on well-founded metrics.


An effective air sanitizing system must destroy viruses in the air rapidly after they are released into indoor air space via aerosols produced by coughing, sneezing or even talking. Our metrics focus on the dynamics of virus release and spread in an indoor air space, while putting a premium on the device's ability to provide rapid and effective disinfection. In developing our metrics we consulted a recent publication. Detailed description of the N5Air effectiveness metrics can be found here.


Using N5Air’s numbers-based effectiveness metrics, we compared some of the air sanitizing devices available on the market. We are proud to lead in effectiveness and speed!

Provide a safe space for your customers and guests.


And peace of mind!


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