The custom-made N5Air  space sanitizing system creates a healthy indoor environment reducing the probability of an infection spread by destroying viruses and pathogens present in the air. Any home with a central HVAC qualifies.


N5Air system addresses current health concerns related to the COVID-19 virus that is

transmitted mainly through the respiratory pathway via air.


The UVC sets of lamps are installed in the return air ducts. Their size and orientation are selected such that the air residence and exposure time to UVC light is maximized to enhance the effectiveness of the air sanitizing.



1. Run the HVAC fan continuously. This will ensure that any aerosols produced by sneezing or coughing and the resuspended dust particles are promptly picked up and delivered by the air flow and filtered out.

2. Maintain thermostat at 72F or higher. Colder temperatures lead to more coughing and sneezing and, consequently, to more aerosols possibly transporting viruses through the air.

3. Ensure proper air circulation. Have HVAC return vents installed in the living/dining rooms and the kitchen areas where most of the socializing and activities – family, guests and visitors – takes place.

4. Use medical grade HEPA filters. Such filters will capture dust particles and aerosols with a diameter larger than 0.3 microns produced by the sneezing or coughing people. Dust particles resuspended from the furniture or from the floor – possible carriers of viruses or bacteria/pathogens – will also be captured.



N5Air designs, assembles, installs, and services its custom-made  UVC air sanitizing systems locally, on Long Island.


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Virus-free indoor air space