Keep EYESPRAY handy in your car, home, office, and outdoors.

Use on the go: no need to stop, sit, or lay down. Ultimate convenience.

Proprietary design allows one-hand operation in darkness or emergency.

Precise pointing. Exact dose. Soft touch.


Producers, Pharmacies,


Save resources, lower costs, improve user convenience and satisfaction.

Sell number of applications, not ounces. Reduce the size.

Can deliver 1,000 puff applications from a tiny atomizer.

In medical offices and hospitals, use a single atomizer for multiple patients, safely.



Directions (example)

Contains approximately 1,000 application puffs (5 ml) of OFLOXACIN

Direct 3-4 puffs into each eye 5 times a day.

Hold the atomizer spray within 1-2 inches from your eye.

Avoid inhaling: this medication is for external use only.


      N5DIGITAL, Inc.



an elegant and convenient spray atomizer designed with medical opthalmology applications in mind



The prime objective of our designers was to create a totally new experience of using the medications for eyes that are predominantly coming as the ubiquitous eye drops, in standard bottles. Dispensing drops using traditional ways was messy and inconvenient for consumers. Not only the designers created aesthetically looking spray dispensers, they also excelled in meeting the criteria for convenience of application.


Compared to spray atomizers presently available on the market for over-the-counter treatments, EYESPRAY is a major improvement. It covers the entire spectrum of over-the-counter and prescribed, generic or brand name medications.