SONAD extends the format of traditional broadcasting and content delivery by augmenting the flow of information by unlimited resources residing on the internet. All this information, including textual, video, graphics, and sound, is made available to the SONAD users seamlessly, in real time and contextualized with any program – radio, TV, public address system, live or pre-recorded, or delivered via internet or print media.


At the receiving end, the users will be able to freely select the most desirable content offered by the SONAD app, thus enriching their individual experience.


For the content producers, SONAD offers a broad range of opportunities for providing content and, at the same time discover the audience’s likes and preferences in their programs or advertisements. Sonas can also provide guidance and information assistance in emergency situations for users in malls, stores, shopping plazas, large meetings and conferences, or sporting events.


SONAD app can be used in a practically unlimited range of areas both in private and public domains such as education, business and social environment, entertainment, transportation, and advertising. Several examples illustrate specifics of possible applications in some of those areas.


        a. Classrooms and lecture halls

        b. Meetings and conferences

        c. College campuses


        a. Radio and TV broadcasting

        b. Malls, stores, shopping centers

        c. Trade shows and conventions

        d. Health Care: hospitals and medical offices


        a. Sport arenas

        b. TV and radio shows

        c. Live entertainment, concerts

        d. Shows, movies, video

        e. Podcasts


        a. Public gatherings

        b. Political campaigns

        c. Rallies


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