N5Digital is a multi-disciplinary design company developing products in diverse areas ranging from small home and office gadgets and appliances to electronic devices and new types of narrative, documentary, and educational films with the viewing experience shaped by the viewer's input. All projects follow a similar development cycle including formulation of concept, R&D, engineering and computer design, product implementation in software and hardware, development of application, etc.
The strategy of N5Digital is to develop and launch a product or an application, and market it until it becomes profitable. At that point, the company may establish a subsidiary taking over that particular product or application with the purpose of increasing its market penetration.
Since the core business of N5Digital is design, its Design and 3D Modeling divisions have a central position in the company's operation and, in the long run, define its success. At the same time, support provided by infrastructure is crucial in delivering products to market and ensuring operational viability.
Our Projects
Numberfly Game - Intro
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N5Air Sanitizing
Rider Vision
Escape Game
Linear Propulsion Engine
Our Team
LEV Neymotin
LEV NeymotinPresident
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Lev holds PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Kazakh State University, Kazakhstan and he is the founder of the N5Digital design studio. Lev’s professional interests range from national security and nuclear nonproliferation to safety code development to digital signal analysis to product design.
LIBA Kaplan
LIBA KaplanPublic Relations
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Liba holds a B.A. in English Literature from City University. She is proficient in competitive intelligence, has a proven track record working on communications programs for products at various stages of the lifecycle, and manages a broad range of product and market-related issues. Liba is instrumental in developing communications materials for N5Digital projects.
SAMUEL Neymotin
SAMUEL NeymotinScience & Technology
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Samuel holds an MS in computer science from Columbia University and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from SUNY Downstate. His research focuses on computational neuroscience and signal processing. Samuel has extensive experience in software engineering and advises the N5Digital on science, technology, and data analysis.
LAWRENCE KaplanEditing & Writing
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Lawrence has MS in History and Literature. He provides research and technical support for N5Digital projects and oversees preparation of the company’s publication materials.
OLESYA Saprykin
OLESYA SaprykinDesign
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Olesya holds an MA in Product design from Russian Ural State University of Architecture and Art and is a member of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design. Olesya is closely involved in development of N5Digital products.
ILYA Saprykin
ILYA SaprykinDesign & Production
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Ilya holds an MA in Architecture from Russian Ural State University of Architecture and Art. Ilya is ultimately involved in development of N5Digital products starting from from their conceptual design to production.
ARIE Neymotin
ARIE NeymotinHealth & Fitness
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Arie has a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from NYIT and a BS in Biology from Binghamton University. He is completing his residency in Diagnostic Radiology and will pursue a fellowship in Emergency Imaging at Emory University.
ANNA Farber
ANNA FarberTechnical Writer
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Anna holds a BA in English with a certification in Technical Writing, as well as an MA in Education. She designs technical manuals and user guides for N5Digital products.

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This scrabble-type math game is designed for players of all ages starting from 5 years. The game allows you to start from playing simple arithmetic games, moving to functions, algebra, and trigonometry. It blends learning with play, allowing the advanced players to teach others, including children of school age, K-12. The game also allows to create and solve puzzles where the players can solve pre-designed or made on the spot math puzzles in home or school environment. The puzzles are updated periodically serving as a source for players or educators.
  • Sudoku-style math puzzles
  • Learn and practice math at K-12 and college level
  • Arithmetic, algebraic, trigonometric equations
  • Keep your mind mathematically engaged
  • Solving puzzles in class and home
  • Advanced players teach beginners
  • Practice with logarithms and complex numbers


  • Creates and maintains “Virus-free Safe Zones”
  • Destroys 99.9% of all pathogens, including coronavirus and seasonal flu viruses
  • Continuously disinfects air without the need for maintenance
  • Zero ozone pollution
  • Zero chemical pollution
  • Rapidly delivers industrial-level air sanitation
  • Designed for safe use in populated areas
  • Tops competitors in UVC air sanitizing power
  • Manufactured in the USA


SONAD is about connecting advertisers to customers. By enabling users to respond to radio and TV ads in real time, SONAD closes the gap between old and new media, bringing radio and TV ads to life and straight into the hands of users.

Existing mobile-phone apps from different stores clutter users’ phones and provide only minimal interactivity. SONAD changes the landscape by providing a real-time augmented-reality shopping experience for many stores – all conveniently accessible via a single app.


KIPPON is a modern solution to an ancient problem: how to keep a skullcups (yarmulkes) on the heads of their wearers, religious Jews or zucchetti (zucchetto, singular) worn by clerics of Catholic Churches, Syriac Orthodox Church, and by higher clergy in Anglicanism.


  • The new self-hanging towel can hang on any hook; no worries about slipping off the rack
  • Secure towels on hooks anywhere in the bathroom – save space by hanging towels on hooks
  • Hang and pick up towels quickly and conveniently
  • Never worry about towels slipping off the rack
  • Color code family and personal towels
  • Perfect for spas, gyms, locker rooms, and other crowded spaces: distinct look and easy identification
  • All rings are made of nontoxic plastic, velvet-smooth, and will not scratch or irritate your skin in any way as you use the TowelRing towel – you will barely notice their presence!
  • TowelRing towels are safe for laundry using conventional washers and driers


The LEVIATOR is a small, lightweight desk accessory designed to be placed on top of an existing desk to raise the height to comfortable standing level. By creating a higher desk station, the LEVIATOR makes it easy to switch from sitting to standing and back. Ansence of mechanical parts eliminates the risk of damaging power supply wires or cables.
The LEVITATOR requires a much lower investment compared to an adjustable desk or sit/stand workstation.

Rider Vision

The Rider Vision introduces a new video format incorporating multiple selectable video channels of interconnected content, thereby enabling viewers to create their own personalized viewing experience. The multiple streams of video are incorporated into a single multi-channel video stream readable by a player software that makes them available to a viewer on various viewing hardware platforms.


BrightHouse is about adding lively colors to the house windows by installing “copies” of Piet Mondrian paintings: bright and colorful, with a true-art mix of shapes and colors. We brighten up the insides of the house during the daytime by streaming in colored light, and streaming it out at night for enjoyment of the passersby. All designs are assembled of precisely laser-cut translucent Plexiglas.


TapsSight will be more than simply a communication or reading device. Visually-impaired users will be able to access and control information from personal computers, tablets, cell phones, and virtually any electronic device.
TapSight and its main features benefited greatly from discussions with representatives of the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB). We received invaluable recommendations from AFB that we applied to our work on the TapSight device, modifying its 3D shape and various functions.
We intend to develop, manufacture and test TapSight as a collaborative and international effort, a project that relies on people in different countries and with different specialties.

Sub-Z Jeans

Sub-Z Jeans are beautified by original, intricate and art-inspired patterns elegantly cut into denim with the laser precision. Sub-Z’s will make you look sharp and sophisticated while standing out from the crowd!

Multiplayer Math-Based Escape Game

Matix is a 3D math-based escape game in which players compete to solve math puzzles, challenges, and teasers to escape a series of rooms. As they play, they earn in-game currency BITs.

Energy-Efficient Linear-Stroke

Marine Propulsion Engine with Anisotropic Propeller


Man-made marine propulsion engines use rotating propellers differing from the propelling solutions created by nature with the latter rarely relying on rotating elements.

A conventional marine engine creates the propulsion by using a rapidly rotating propeller. As a result, part of the engine’s energy is spent on to rotating the produced water jet. Since rotation of the water does not contribute to the boat’s propulsion, it is wasteful and reduces the energy efficiency of the engine.

The N5Prop energy-efficient marine engine is designed to convert most of its energy into the useful linear momentum of the boat. The key design element of this engine containing no rotating components is use of a linear back-and-forth stroke dual-use “anisotropic” propeller.