N5Digital is a multi-disciplinary design company developing products in diverse areas ranging from small home and office gadgets and appliances to electronic devices and new types of narrative, documentary, and educational films with the viewing experience shaped by the viewer’s input. All projects follow a similar development cycle including formulation of concept, R&D, engineering and computer design, product implementation in software and hardware, development of application, etc.


The strategy of N5Digital is to develop and launch a product or an application, and market it until it becomes profitable. At that point, the company may establish a subsidiary taking over that particular product or application with the purpose of increasing its market penetration.


Since the core business of N5Digital is design, its Design and 3D Modeling divisions have a central position in the company’s operation and, in the long run, define its success. At the same time, support provided by infrastructure is crucial in delivering products to market and ensuring operational viability.

Our Projects

Numberfly Game – Intro

Play Numberfly

N5Air Sanitizing





Rider Vision





Escape Game

Linear Propulsion Engine

Resistive Muscle Toning

Our Team

LEV Neymotin


Lev holds PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Kazakh State University, Kazakhstan and he is the founder of the N5Digital design studio. Lev’s professional interests range from national security and nuclear nonproliferation to safety code development to digital signal analysis to product design.

LIBA Kaplan

Public Relations

Liba holds a B.A. in English Literature from City University. She is proficient in competitive intelligence, has a proven track record working on communications programs for products at various stages of the lifecycle, and manages a broad range of product and market-related issues. Liba is instrumental in developing communications materials for N5Digital projects.

SAMUEL Neymotin

Science & Technology

Samuel holds an MS in computer science from Columbia University and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from SUNY Downstate. His research focuses on computational neuroscience and signal processing. Samuel has extensive experience in software engineering and advises the N5Digital on science, technology, and data analysis.

ANNA Farber

Technical Writer

Anna holds a BA in English with a certification in Technical Writing, as well as an MA in Education. She designs technical manuals and user guides for N5Digital products.

ARIE Neymotin

Health & Fitness

Arie has a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from NYIT and a BS in Biology from Binghamton University. He is completing his residency in Diagnostic Radiology and will pursue a fellowship in Emergency Imaging at Emory University.

ILYA Saprykin

Design & Production

lya holds an MA in Architecture from Russian Ural State University of Architecture and Art. Ilya is ultimately involved in development of N5Digital products starting from from their conceptual design to production.


Editing & Writing

Lawrence has MS in History and Literature. He provides research and technical support for N5Digital projects and oversees preparation of the company’s publication materials.

OLESYA Saprykin


Olesya holds an MA in Product design from Russian Ural State University of Architecture and Art and is a member of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design. Olesya is closely involved in development of N5Digital products.

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